Infasul Data Privacy Policy

Infasul values ​​the privacy of its customers, partners and suppliers and created this policy to demonstrate its commitment to protecting privacy and its personal data, under the terms of the General Data Protection Law and other applicable laws on
the topic, as well as describing how it protects privacy when processing the personal data of the aforementioned stakeholders. For data arising from the use of the following categories of information below in the use of the website or similar applications, Infasul does the appropriate treatment and protection, as follows:

a. Data provided to us by users to receive a specific product or service as part of the business relationship (such as contact information, professional data, financial or technical information).

b. Browsing data (eg, IP address, location, country, browsing time, access time) or data arising from your interaction with our site.

c. cookies and Internet tracking systems – normally, the user provides these data, but in some cases, the controller may collect the data through a third party or some public records. The controller protects data obtained from such third parties in accordance with the practices described in this Data Privacy Policy.

d. For other situations, Infasul treats and controls personal data according to the private data control procedure, rev. The of 28.09.2020, available to the data holder if requested.

We at Infasul are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.
Person in charge of personal data protection:

Cássio Vieceli
(51) 2125-9231

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